Agritourism L'Etoile du Berger

Cogne Valley - Gran Paradiso National Park

Who We Are

We are Anna and Liliano Gratton and L’Etoile du Berger is an achievement we have conceived and wished for a longtime.

Our agritourism combines meaningful elements of Lillaz’ history: an historical document house (the building is Valle d’Aosta cultural patrimony) and the Gratton’s family, one of the historic families of Lillaz. Our family has been devoted for centuries to agriculture, cows’ breeding, and to the production of typical cheeses, such as ricotta, toma, fontina and butter.

When Liliano was eighteen, he bought the building from Gerard family. The building, dating from the Seventeenth century, at that time was formed by the home and the shed downstairs, with the hay-loft upstairs, placed side by side to a two-floors building, with the creamery downstairs and the pantry upstairs.

Over the years Liliano and his wife Anna, who shares his passions, have ripened the desire to start up an agritourism mainly to convey to people the key role of agriculture and to transmit “the know-how” to produce genuine mountain “flavours” to new generations.

Enlivened by this desire, Anna and Liliano have undertaken restructuring of the building, which has been completely redecorated in respect of the original building and maintaining its Antan aesthetics.

In 2021 the building has been extended through the renovation of another building dating from the Seventeenth century, connected to the first one by a tunnel, expanding the offer of rooms (10 rooms for a total of 22 beds) and the environment in the same style.

Today L’Etoile du Berger, plunged into a wonderful landscape of the Cogne’s valley, matches the valdostano tradition, of which we propose the furnishings, the traditional costumes and the typical flavours, with modern services (TV in every room, wi-fi) in order to offer a regenerating stay to our guests.

We welcome you and we invite you to discover our rooms, services and family’s activities.